Do you know GATEBALL?(Japanese version is here. provides you the online resources about gateball. Click the menu on the left, you can find what you want. Some of you may have never heard of gateball. Gateball is a mallet sport born in Japan and it is suitable for "ALL AGES" due to its relatively low exercise intensity. Gateball is often likened to the mixture of croquet, chess, curling and billiard. You need both technique and strategy.

Gateball is a team sport. You need ten balls numbered from one to ten. The odd-numbered balls are red and the even-numbered balls are white. One side plays red and the other plays white. In order to gain more points within 30 minutes playing time, both teams strike balls by using mallets and score points by passing through three gates or hitting a goal-pole.

The following three videos are from the finals of 2010 World Gateball Championship, 2012 Asian Gateball Championship and 2014 World Gateball Championship. Although you may not understand what they are doing, you can feel the atmosphere of the biggest games. After you have learned the rules of gateball, you can enjoy them much better. Here is the archive of the videos from recent All-Japan or international gateball championship. you can get the gist of gateball by watching these videos. If you have any question about gateball, please contact me. I may help you.

The final of World Gateball Championship 2010 in Shanghai
(Red: Fujian(China), White: Yunnan(China))

The final of Asian Gateball Championship 2012 in Macau
(Red: Shanxi Linfen(China), White: Friend Sports(Japan))

The final of World Gateball Championship 2014 in Niigata
(Red: Joshokiryu(Japan), White: Shanxi Linfen(China))

Gateball is very very profound. The more you play, the more you find. All players from beginners to experts can enjoy the game. Kindergarten kids and > 80-year-old people can play on the same court. It will never bore you. If you get interested, start playing gateball!